Electronics & Technology

With years of experience working with international hi-tech brands, Kerry Logistics operates a lean and efficient supply chain from inbound and manufacturing, to outbound and distribution, after-sales, reverse logistics and more.


Our speed-to-market logistics solutions ensure your new products reach consumers before your competitors’ do.



Component Management

We serve some of the leading specialist component suppliers in Asia, ensuring 100.0% accuracy through strict SOP. Our dedicated facilities are equipped with optimal temperature and humidity control, and our team of experts perform all types of relabelling to meet your different market needs.



We offer cross-docking solutions for your components through vendor hub operation, supplier management, sorting and just-in-time (JIT) delivery to production lines. We are also licensed to handle strategic commodities, such as integrated circuits, central processing units and chipsets.



Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) Fulfilment

We provide TAPA compliant warehousing, inventory management, kitting, postponement and in-transit assembly to consumer electronics and home appliance brands, meeting your regional fulfilment needs.


Domestic Distribution Centre Fulfilment

We also provide domestic distribution centre fulfilment solutions from kitting, on-site delivery with installation, to electronic proof-of-delivery (ePOD) and call centre support. Our extensive hub-and-spoke transportation network in Greater China ensures timely delivery of your products to end customers.


Cross-border Consolidation Hub

Our hybrid cross-border consolidation hub solutions in Hong Kong cover goods receipt, sorting by destination, as well as customs clearance and cross-border delivery to different cities in China.



Parts Logistics

We offer 24/7 operations for after-sales parts suppliers or distributors with various urgent delivery options down to one-hour emergency replenishment. Our parts centres are TAPA compliant with on-site technical support.


Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA)

Our regional / global RMA centre solutions range from functional testing and grading, re-configuration / conversion, customisation, relabelling, return to repair centres or retail stores, to repacking for re-sales / repositioning and eco-friendly disposal of obsolete items.



Supply Chain Financing

We offer our customers unique financing solutions to facilitate licensed domestic trading, by integrating purchase order (PO) management, financing, credit control and logistics in one package. You can enjoy the benefits of improved cash flow and enhanced visibility of your sales across different channels.

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