Fashion & Lifestyle

Kerry Logistics offers customised solutions to a wide spectrum of brands, from luxury and affordable luxury goods, fast fashion, sportswear to beauty, accessories and lifestyle products, serving tens of thousands of outlets across countries and regions every day.


Our fashion logistics solutions include multi-country consolidation (MCC), domestic / regional distribution centre fulfilment, purchase order (PO) management, omni-channel fulfilment, reverse logistics and more.


Multi-Country Consolidation

We offer year-round services to fashion brands for merchandise, non-merchandise and point of sale materials (POSM). Handling huge inbound volume, our MCC solutions cover direct-to-store delivery, daily replenishment and distribution centre stockroom services to optimise supply chain and save cost.


Omni-Channel Fulfilment

To support O2O businesses, we provide highly-customised solutions from eCommerce order fulfilment, cross-border distribution to last-mile delivery with complete visibility. Our onboarding services also support e-tailers to set up and manage their online stores on the global marketplace.


Domestic / Regional Distribution Centre Fulfilment

Our extensive network of bonded and non-bonded logistics facilities supports your local and regional warehousing needs and nationwide distribution in key consumer markets. You can also enjoy the extra value of overflow management, store stock take, secured packaging for high-fashion transportation and cash on delivery (COD).


Return Management
We provide simultaneous handling of replenishment and return-to-store, display product management, dedicated repair centre support, in-store quality checking, repacking for re-sales and eco-friendly disposal of obsolete items.


Value-Added Services
Our value-added services include garment-on-hanger (GOH), steaming / ironing, creaseless garment transportation and ready-for-sale delivery – plus add-on options satisfying additional requirements for Chinese information tag (CIT) and Chinese care label.


Local Import and Export
We can act as an import or export trading agent for foreign-invested brands, helping them explore new markets across Asia.


Duty and VAT Payment
Our services cover consultation on duty and VAT payment issues, flexible arrangements on duty, VAT prepayment and speedy EDI tax payment.


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