Food & Beverage

With decades of experience in cold chain logistics, Kerry Logistics offers seamless F&B solutions with complete cold chain integrity to retail chains, hotels, restaurants and more.


Through strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and best practice, we ensure all products stay at their optimum temperatures from pick-up to the point of final delivery.


Domestic Distribution Centre Fulfilment

We have proven track record in managing mega-scale domestic distribution centre operation with complex distribution channels. Our multi-temperature solutions include ultra-deep frozen (-45°C), deep frozen (-25°C), frozen (-18°C), chilled (0°C to 4°C), air-conditioned (12°C to 15°C / 15°C to 18°C / 18°C to 22°C) and ambient (>25°C), accommodating an extensive range of products. As well as 24/7 distribution, we provide just-in-time delivery, daily replenishment to restaurants and retail chains, last-mile and home delivery with GPS-equipped vehicles and electronic proof-of-delivery (ePOD) support.


Food Factory

We offer diversified packaging and repackaging services for a wide array of food products, targeting food preparation and manufacturing trades. We also provide innovative food processing solutions. For instance, we run a MeatLab in Hong Kong, featuring semi-automated production lines, the use of skin packaging and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology, to extend the shelf life of meat products and preserve peak freshness.



Our sophisticated cross-docking solutions allow your perishable or time-sensitive products to reach the retail shops with the shortest possible lead time, preserving quality and freshness.


Inventory Traceability

We provide integrated inventory management solutions from First-in-first-out (FIFO) / First-expiry-first-out (FEFO), customised reports on product ageing, by expiry dates or by deterioration, to lot control and biannual/annual stock take. With our proprietary track and trace system, you are able to track your products down to lot level, in the event of product recall.


Value-Added Services

Our value-added services include labelling, bundling, stamping, gift packing, seasonal hamper assembling, defrost handling, POS handling, quality checking, reverse logistics, ripening facilities and more.


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