Industrial & Material Science

Kerry Logistics provides total solutions for a full range of industrial and chemical products across a wide spectrum of sectors – industrial chemicals, construction and building materials, machinery and parts, consumer chemicals and more.


In collaboration with producers, suppliers and end users, our professional IMS solutions include logistics analysis, consultancy and design, engineering, packaging and conveying, and logistics process optimisation, from origin to destination and in total compliance with international standards.


In-Plant Logistics
We provide in-plant logistics services – from design and engineering to operations – covering a wide range of value-added services: bagging, drumming, bulking, weighing, packing / repacking, labelling / re-labelling, marking, sampling, disposal of waste, as well as reverse logistics.


Domestic / Regional Distribution Centre Fulfilment

Our integrated solutions include bonded and non-bonded storage, ISO tank / container management, raw materials and finished goods management by batch / lot, and customised reports with our fully-licensed and ISO-certified facilities. We can accommodate full pallet picking, pick/pack for individual products or pack LCL / FCL for export shipment.


Dangerous Goods Logistics

We provide fully-licensed warehousing and distribution services including dangerous goods handling and transportation for industrial and consumer chemicals. We can also assist in optimising distribution through consolidation and deconsolidation to meet the specific requirement of your business.


Cross-Border Consolidation Hub

Our hybrid cross-border consolidation hub in Hong Kong covers goods receipt and sorting by destination. We also provide customs clearance and cross-border delivery to different cities in China.

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