Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

When it comes to pharmaceutical logistics, Kerry Logistics lives by the “handle with care” philosophy. We understand the critical demands of your industry, and we appreciate the life-saving power of the goods that we transport on your behalf.


Whether OTC, vaccine and blood serum, medical equipment or health supplements, we adhere to high safety standards and strict industry and government regulations.


Complete Cold Chain Integrity
Pharmaceutical products are maintained at optimum temperatures throughout the supply chain with complete cold chain logistics management.


Warehousing and Distribution
Our facilities include ISO13485, ISO90001 and GDP-certified warehouses with humidity and temperature-controlled storage. We have you covered all around the world, with door-to-door delivery and point-to-point distribution to hospitals, clinics, medical retail outlets and customer homes.


Value-added Services
Our value-added services include sorting and bundling, labelling and re-labelling for local language requirements, sample fulfillment, recall logistics, and more.


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