Records Management

We offer professional records management services to a wide range of customers in Hong Kong through Kerry Business Outsourcing Solutions (KBOS). Our integrated solutions cover document storage, transportation, and destruction and disposal with 24/7 access to online inventory records, daily carton movement and comprehensive management report.


Deed Management

  • RFID solutions for deed storage and transportation
  • Climate-controlled facilities with FM200 fire suppression system for maximum protection

Media Tape Management

  • Humidity- and temperature-controlled storage facility with high degree of security
  • Anti-static cabinets to prolong the lifespan of media tapes

Document Scanning

  • Innovative document scanning solutions powered by our partner Canon (Hong Kong) through the brand Integrated Records Solutions (irs)
  • On-site / off-site scanning and Document Management System (DMS) to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness

Mini-Box Storage (KBOX3)???

  • B2C solutions for seasonal, slow-moving and memorable items such as clothes, suitcases, albums, etc.
  • Different box sizes and flexible storage charges
  • Go to KBOX3
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