Kerry Logistics Wins Junzi Corporation Award for Business Ethics

2019-12-06 - Hong Kong

Kerry Logistics Network Limited (‘Kerry Logistics’; Stock Code 0636.HK) is honoured to receive for the first time the Junzi Corporation Award (the ‘Award’) presented by the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (‘HSUHK’), which recognises Kerry Logistics’ resolute adherence to the highest standards of business ethics. Kerry Logistics also collected the iMoney Corporate Governance Award, jointly conferred by HSUHK and Hong Kong financial publication iMoney.


Organised for the ninth year, the Award acknowledges corporations that value business ethics and “Junzi’s Five Virtues” – Benevolence, Rightness, Propriety, Wisdom and Trustworthiness – based on the Confucian concept, as well as Western ethical theories of business that emphasise integrity and fairness. The iMoney Corporate Governance Award is the accolade given by one of the media partners of the Award to winners.


William Ma, Group Managing Director of Kerry Logistics, said, “We are delighted by the honour HSUHK has granted us. We always strictly abide by the highest ethical code in all of our operations. We will continue to engage in socially responsible practices and contribute to the welfare of the societies in which we operate as a global enterprise.”


Kerry Logistics operates its business with integrity, transparency and accountability, and has committed itself to serving the community by leveraging its talents, resources and networks. Its community involvement focus demonstrates its care towards the youth, the underprivileged and the environment. To raise awareness and identify opportunities for improvement, Kerry Logistics has established and implemented environmental management systems accredited to the ISO14001 standard, and supported community initiatives run by different charitable organisations.

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